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Dear Adam and Tamar

Thank you very much for the original blog and Tamar for her comments. I think the WB focus on delivery and its science will be a welcome change for us in the developing world. Also, I think Tamar's 3-pointer on knowledge management, local partners and experimentation are clear directives.

I will also point to Dr. Kim's prefatory comments before the WB talk by Christina Paxson on the role of higher education. I think WB would do a good job if it advised higher education managers in developing countries also to focus on delivery.

I work at an "excellence" institute in India and I have a tough time convincing our management that "relevance" or "delivery" also poses hard research problems. Also, it needs a new pedagogy of engineering. My attempt is at:

I have also tried to explain this in a paper "Knowledge and Practice for India as a Developing Country". I think the the development of "practice" and respecting it as first-rate "knowledge" is the key to development.

Thank and best wishes.