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Submitted by Dr P K Rao on
The remarks of this blog seem to focus on the pragmatic goal-setting aspects. However, the fact remains that in the absence of transformational and visionary agendas with country ownership -rather than top-down from global 'one-size-fits all' target setting- can go a long way in promoting greater effectiveness of objectives, goals and targets. It is time to be more realistic about the definition of poverty or extreme poverty, and it is useful to move out of simplistic self-fulfilling definition or norm of $1.25 per day (PPP) -only to boast that we as a global agreegrate have succeeded in attaining large reduction as per the goals of the 2015 targets. Just move the norm to reach $2.00 per day and the world has major portion of population under poverty - much of it in the stubborn or chroic poverty category. As long as multi-dimensional poverty concepts are not fully utilized with reference to individual countries, the add on components including those of health and child mortality will work not be able to avail synergistic links but remain appendages. 'Delivering as one' and 'Doing more with less' are very important guide posts for helping the needy with best efforts on the part of the international bodies as well as national governments. It is time to move out of the incoherent MDGs approach and adopt a holistic Sustainable Development Goals approach. Thank you, Dr P K Rao.