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Submitted by Harry Hunter Murphy on

As stated above by Dr R K Pao, the MDGs are extremely two dimensional lacking awareness of the nuances of specific cultures and needs of people in a variety of developing nations. For one, the attempt at universal primary education. Is there a need for every child on the earth from every one of the millions of diverse and individual cultures to recieve the western notion of a 'primary education'? This is just simply imposing a eurocentric vision of what populations need onto every child that exisits, regardless of their own personal, cultural, economic and different needs. Moreover, if there is not adequate infrastructure for these children to maintain their education further, then perhaps this time and effort could have been put to better use?

These goals lack awareness of the strucutal problems the people affected by development face and if promotion of the liberation from this oppresive form of global governance cannot be done, then perhaps development institutions are not going far enough for the people of the global south.