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Submitted by Charles Clift on

Maybe this is simply solved. Review the proposed HLP goals:

1 End Poverty
2 Empower Girls and Women and Achieve Gender Equality
3 Provide Quality Education and Lifelong Learning
4 Ensure Healthy Lives
5 Ensure Food Security and Good Nutrition
6 Achieve Universal Access to Water and Sanitation
7 Secure Sustainable Energy
8 Create Jobs, Sustainable Livelihoods, and Equitable Growth
9 Manage Natural Resource Assets Sustainably
10 Ensure Good Governance and Effective Institutions
11 Ensure Stable and Peaceful Societies
12 Create a Global Enabling Environment and Catalyse Long-Term Finance.

It is apparent that "ensuring healthy lives" is really a product of all these goals put together - the so-called social, environmental and economic determinants of health. In that sense, Goal No 4 is misspecified - it really should mean what can health services do to deliver "healthy lives"? That being so, "Ensure UHC" would be a more appropriate goal were the HLP framework to be pursued or it could be reframed on the lines of Goal 6 "Achieve Universal Access to Health Services". Of course, the appropriateness of the five proposed targets needs to be further debated.

The HLP itself says "Though we focus on health outcomes in this goal, to achieve these outcomes requires universal access to basic healthcare."