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Friday round up: Tapering trouble, debating inequality, the greedy rich, waves of protests, and a view from the UN

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John Makin of AEI has a piece on troubling taper talk from central banks. Read it here.

In "What if we're looking at inequality the wrong way?', Tom Edsall of NYT's Opinionator blog writes about the views of Richard V. Burkhauser of Cornell as well as those of his co-authors.

Robert Skidelsky advocates for a universal basic income, received by all citizens on an unconditional basis in his post, "Playing by the rules," in Project Syndicate. Read more.

PBS' website features a video news story on experiments by social scientists, Paul Piff and Dacher Keltner,  from Berkeley showing that richer people may be less generous, more amoral.

An latest article from The Economist, "Cry Freedom," reflects on the recent waves of protests in Turkey, Brazil,and other countries by analyzing the rise of the middle class and democracy in developing countries.

Huffpost has a post by Wu Hongbo, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs on the new high level panel report and post-2015 goals.