Commodity prices rose modestly in January–Pink Sheet


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Energy commodity prices increased nearly 2 percent in January, led by oil (+5 percent), the World Bank’s Pink Sheet reported.

Non-energy prices gained marginally, with rises in agriculture balanced by losses in fertilizers and (less so) metals and minerals.

Agricultural prices climbed more than one percent, with pickups in all sub-indexes, beverages (+0.7 percent), food (+1 percent), and raw materials (+1.8 percent).

Fertilizer prices declined almost 3 percent, led by a 6 percent slide in Urea.

Metals prices changed little, as increases in iron ore (+10 percent), nickel (+6.4 percent), and tin (6.2 percent) were balanced by drops in aluminum (-2.2 percent) and copper (-3.5 percent).

Precious metals prices rose nearly 4 percent in response to jumps in silver (+5.8 percent) and gold (+3.3 percent).

The Pink Sheet is a monthly report that monitors commodity price movements

Nominal price indexes, percent changes, January over December
Major commodity price indexes
Nominal prices, percent changes, January over December


John Baffes

Senior Agriculture Economist, Development Economics Prospects Group

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