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Friday round up: Population worries in Africa, the internet in 2025, managing oil wealth, global food policy, and Bangladesh microcredit

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A piece titled 'The dividend is delayed' in the March 8 edition of The Economist summarizes a new research paper by Jean-Pierre Guengant and John May titled, 'African Demography,' which predicts a higher fertility rate for Africa than calculated by the UN.

Sarah Gray writes in Salon about the future of the internet in 2025.

The case for directly transferring a portion of natural resource revenues to citizens in Africa is made by Marcelo Guigale and Shanta Devarajan in a CGD working paper.

This week IFPRI called for ending hunger and under nutrition by 2025 in their newly released 2013 Global Food Policy Report .

Continued debate amongst researchers on the impact of microcredit on the poor in Bangladesh is addressed in a new working paper by Mark Pitt.

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