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  • Reply to: Protection from cyclones: Benefits of integrating green and gray infrastructure   1 week 6 days ago

    Hi Susmita and Brian,
    This is an excellent blog that summarizes well the important work you are doing! I recently read your PLoSOne article on mangroves in Bangladesh and have forwarded it on to many of my colleagues. It is a great piece and I really appreciate your joint consideration of mangrove restoration and polders in an integrated hydrodynamic model. Very nice.

  • Reply to: We have been here before: Development agencies and disruptive technologies   2 weeks 11 hours ago

    Hi Michael,

    I really liked this blog post and think you articulated the need for education and evaluation of new technologies well.

    I’m drawn to the ICT4D concept, especially after attending the World Cities Summit in 2016 but I had uneasy feelings of how easily products and technologies were used without stressing the importance of creating an infrastructure that could maintain them. I see “Innovation” and “disruptive technologies” as sensational words that don’t address the reality of change. I think we’ve come a long way from the printing press, the car, and the atomic bomb but innovation is no longer these new ways of doing things but re-evaluations of processes and micro-shifts for specialization. I may be pessimistic about innovation because of how it seems to focus on and is driven by profit gains rather than humanity gains.

    Nevertheless, I think the blog post helped me realize what changes need to happen and recognize the importance of what new technologies represent. I am optimistic of a more equitable future but I still wonder how can resources be re-allocated fairly? And will an emphasis on long-term effects and education change policies that will close the rising socio-economic inequality gaps within countries? I’d love to know your opinion or suggestions of sources of what you think the next approach will be to address these problems!

  • Reply to: We want to hear from you about the World Development Report 2020 — Global Value Chains: Trading for Development   3 weeks 1 day ago

    Fascinating to read the WDR 2020 concept note. One question. Do other Kaufmann–Kraay Governance Indicators than Rule of Law index explain importance of macro and political stability for GVC participation shown in Figure 7, Chapter 3 as well as that of institutional quality? Looking forward to further elaboration of the question “Why have some countries been left out?” in the Chapter, since the note successfully presents various potentials for positive effects of participating GVCs.

  • Reply to: We want to hear from you about the World Development Report 2020 — Global Value Chains: Trading for Development   3 weeks 2 days ago

    Good to see WBR 2020's feed back in its assessment stages . My suggestion goes to the research question to which you have raised in your concept note- " why are low -income developing countries left out from the global value chain benefits ?' even though the question would be explored by having empirical data analysis, yet I could say " there is very likely tendency for small fish to be eaten by larger ones" the global value chain might stack somewhere where big commissioners or intermediacies dealing with the business . at that point , the natural value chain process stops thereby and benefiting only few ( i.e . Ethiopian Organic Coffee is good example where in the case of Starbucks exploitation before being advocated by Oxfam for Ethiopian coffee grower farmers) .

  • Reply to: We want to hear from you about the World Development Report 2020 — Global Value Chains: Trading for Development   3 weeks 4 days ago

    Good to see the WDR 2020 focused on value chains. One suggestion on the concept note: Chapter 9 (international cooperation): the focus should extend beyond macro-level policy. It should also cover interventions by private sector (including third part certification), NGOs, and government agencies. Researchers in CGIAR has focused a lot of attention on this. Currently, under the CGIAR research program "Policies, Markets, and Institutions" (PIM) we are reviewing the CGIAR contributions to debates, tools, and policies related to value chain development in the global South.