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2010 SEED Awards Reach Out to Social Entrepreneurs

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"Green"-themed social entrepreneurs are invited to compete for 35 SEED Awards that are focused on seven countries in Africa.  Winners will receive expert advice on their business plans, access to tailored workshops, and be profiled through the SEED Initiative's international network.

Start-up social and environmental entrepreneurs working in developing and emerging countries are invited to apply.  The deadline for applications is Aug. 16.  Here's how to apply

(Photo at right shows precious metals miner in Chocó Bioregion of Ecuador and Colombia where 2009 SEED winner Oro Verde is helping to reverse environmental degradation by promoting certified mining practices.)

The 2010 SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development -- as they are formally named -- will include 10 made in South Africa, 20 in Burkina Faso, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, and Senegal, and five elsewhere.

The Awards do not include a cash prize.  "Experience from working with social and environmental entrepreneurs has shown that in many instances such enterprises often require access to knowledge, expertise and especially to networks as much as to financial support," the Initiative says. "SEED thus offers winners a range of business services, support  and networks including high level profiling, often with government officials, Ministers, development institutions and businesses."

The SEED Initiative -- hosted by the U.N. Environmental Programme -- is "a global partnership founded for action on the Green Economy," the Initiative says.

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