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After 20 years, Fundación Tzedaká is Still Changing Lives.

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For 21 years, Fundación Tzedaká, who won an award at the 2010 Latin America Development Marketplace, has been developing social programs and actions to improve the living conditions of citizens who live in poverty in Argentina. Based on a model that works in partnerships, and with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, they develop programs in areas such as health, education, housing, job training, food, seniors and children, taking family as the focal point of intervention. Transparency, efficient management of resources and consistent accountability are the organization’s pillars.

Some of their programs have been recognized for their contribution to society, as is the case of "Refuot", the largest Community Medicine Bank in the country and “Accion Joven”; a training program that helps young adults improve their development and employment performance and the program which won the LAC DM award. Over 750 young adults have been trained for different positions with a high opportunity rate in the job scenarios.

Fundación Tzedaká has built a social network which gathers together 600 volunteers, more than 6,500 donors and almost 100 professionals from different areas. All this is done to enhance directly the lives of 11,300 people and thousands more indirectly.

Below please find a video in Spanish that describes in a poetic way the cruel reality and how the assistance provided makes a difference in the life of people who received it. This is shown by appealing the responsibility of each one and making possible to help the people who need it. This video was produced for the Annual Event of Fundraising for the Fundación Tzedaká.

For more information on the Foundation, kindly visit their website or contact them via email.

*Tzedaká means justice and solidarity and it’s the restitution of the right to live with dignity.

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