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...And One Who Didn't

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Subhas Managuli made it to the finalists' circle, buthis Best Practices Foundation proposal to improve livestock health for 2,000 small farmers in 20 villages in India didn't make the final cut that produced the 22 winners who were announced Friday morning.

"The idea is good, and I'll try to pitch it to other agencies," Managuli said as the closing ceremony wound up in the Atrium.  "I'm not going to give up. Absolutely."


Submitted by Anonymous on
I come round with Pierre. Though I was not among the winners, I really enjoyed the event. It was an extraordinary experience to learn about all these great innovations and a pleasure to meet with people from 42 countries. Sure, I felt a bit disappointed for not being rewarded with funding. It is like being nominated for the Oscar and not winning one... May be it is worth thinking about awarding the runners up a silver medal or a comparable certificate which might facilitate the search for alternative project funding. Special thanks to the DM team, the proposal advisors and the jury for their great job and support. I will for sure try again. Best regards Jörg Volkmann [email protected]

Submitted by Anonymous on
I am blessed to have been selected in the top 6% of DM2008 participants. With all the new tools/information I acquired during the KX sessions, I won invaluable knowledge instead of the $200K grant; threfore, I WON by LOSING because I will be able to apply the knowledge sans the World Bank procurement process :-) I would like to congratulate and recommend the DM 2008 staff for their warmth, courtesy, attention to details, patience, professionalism, encouragement, care, etc. Special thanks to Mike for his superb MC and "crowd control" skills, and Kristen, Victoria, Sarah, Matt, Angie, etc.. You all deserve a promotion for your outstanding work. I now commend the DM team for this blog. I hope all finalists -winners and non-winners- will use this space. I am interested in providing appropriate research or business development services to and stay in touch with all finalists. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] Cheers, Pierre Brunache, Jr. 617-438-6859

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