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Awards and Funding Opportunities Search Engine

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The Communication Initiative (CI) provides Social Entrepreneurs and development organizations with a useful resource for finding awards and funding opportunities. The site allows users to search for awards/ opportunities by deadline, region, and development issue, and provides descriptions, including criteria, deadlines, and previous winners. When I looked today, there were 21 awards still open (with deadlines after March 11).

One of note, especially for DM2006 Water Supply, Sanitation, and Energy Winners is the ReSource Award — for leadership in implementing the principles of sustainability in watershed management (only projects that are implemented in a non-OECD country are being considered). Deadline for application is April 30, 2009.  Check it out!

For more information, see the CI website –
Awards -
Funding Opportunities -


Submitted by grace injene on
I belong to a citizens coalition in kenya and would like to engage in the area of antcorruption. Is the bank interested in this?

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