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Catalyzing change through innovation

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A stepped-up rate of successful innovation will be of the essence in achieving development results. 

What role does innovation have in poverty alleviation?


Submitted by Anene, Nnamdi C. on
Poverty: "a state of lack" ...lack of means of livelihood or of innovative ideas on how to checkmate imminent natural or anthropogenic catastrophe. I know that problems associated with climate change are no 'respecter' of nations: developed or underdeveloped, it does not matter. Therefore it is very imperative that nations share innovative ideas to tackle common problems. Collaboration in terms of financial aids to developing nations to embark on courses that would ensure sustainable development will no be out of place. A change of mindset and attitude to fight corruption to be able to utilize any financial aid more judiciously and effectively is very essential on the part of the political leaders of the developing nations. Vigorous sensitization and education of the rural dwellers in the developing nations is as vital as it is necessary if we can stop incessant felling of trees, poor sanitations, infant and maternal morbidity etc.

mother earth provides enough for everyone, only if we remove the barriers of caste, creed, sex, region, country and create a one world divine society, where those who have share freely with those who could not gather so much due to whatever reason, not a philanthropic thought, but a practical wisdom based on ancient indian spiritual practices, what we sow, so do we reap, if as a world we have sowed in an order of seperatist kind, the nature also begins to disown us as its children, if we love our brethren, nature will also respond by showering its limitless bounties on us forever.... india had always been on top because it always practiced these principles as observed, initiated and propounde by the earliest scientists (rishis of those times, they observed nature, mind, skies, name it and they had natural reasoning and observation to support the same....only that we have lost touch with our rich heritage and are going around in circles attempting like a dog catching its own tail.........

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