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Blogs, Other Sites Follow the DM2009 Story

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DM2009 has been drawing attention from climate-change-related and other blogs and websites around the world.  In "The Dirt," published by the American Society of Landscape Architects, web content and strategy manager Jared Green -- who was also a juror for the DM2009 competition --  published this post about some of the winning finalists. Green's post was picked up by the Sustainable Cities Collective blog.

Some of the attention came from abroad -- the site the Austrian Network for Information and Communication Technologies for Development and -- in France -- Actualités News environnement.

Climate-L, which is produced by an international team of climate change experts with funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, published this article.

For the 5 Days of DM2009, 10 Months of Planning

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The logistics for DM2009 were an intimidating challenge.  They involved a nearly five-day production where people, equipment, and props had to smoothly mesh for a combination program and event that would leave the finalists not only better prepared to develop their projects but also happy and content, even if they weren't in the winners' circle.  One of the leaders in putting all the pieces together was Vanya Candia of the World Bank Institute.  Here's how she confronted the challenge (with Spanish translation):

Los 5  días del evento de la Feria del Desarrollo requirió 10 meses de planificación La coordinación logística de la Feria del Desarrollo implica varios desafíos para los organizadores, se debe coordinar de manera exacta que la gente, el equipo y la utilería estén en el lugar apropiado en el momento apropiado con el fin de producir un buen evento, ayudar a los finalistas a desarrollar una buena presentación de sus proyectos y  lograr  una grata experiencia para ellos aunque no logren ser  ganadores. La persona responsable de unir estas piezas en términos de logística fue Vanya Candia del Instituto del Banco Mundial.   Preguntamos a Vanya como ella logro confrontar estos desafíos (incluimos traducción al Español):

Q.  When did you begin planning DM2009?
P. Cuando se comenzó con la planificación del DM2009?

A.   About 10 months ago.
R. Comenzamos con la planificación como hace 10 meses atrás.
Q. What were the major challenges, and how did you solve them?
P. Cuáles fueron los mayores retos y como los solucionaron?

A. This year it was a challenge to coordinate the interpretation services for several finalists from indigenous communities.  Another challenge was to define which device to use for promoting social media as a tool for engaging stakeholders. After researching and analyzing, we decided to go with Flip cams that are affordable and very easy to use. Let me tell you about another example of challenges in terms of logistics. At the end of the first day when all booths were set up we realized that the ones located under the Atrium balcony didn't have enough light in the afternoon so we had to find a solution, after coordinating with GSD [General Services Department of the World Bank], we managed to place light bulbs in each booth.

Words That Echoed Across DM2009 Competition

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“I came here thinking of my people.  I leave here thinking of our planet.”

That's how finalist winner Carlos Daniel Vecco Giove of Peru summed up what DM2009 meant for him.  (Vecco was honored for his proposal to aid the Amazonian indigenous populations in his country in adapting to rapid climate change.)

Vecco's stirring words echoed around the floor of the competition, on up to the podium during the Friday, Nov. 13, awards ceremony, where a rapt audience heard Warren Evans, Environment Director of the World Bank, say: "Let me share with you what I heard that one of our finalists who traveled here from far away said this week."

One way or another, the other finalists expressed the same thought -- if not in so many words, then in the potential for their projects to bring innovative but practical climate adaptation not only to their target community but to people and places across regions and the whole planet.

The Drama of Climate Change: Nigerian Wins at DM2009

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Nnaemeka Chidiebere Ikegwuonu of Nigera was one of the 26 winners at DM2009 with a project that would create a radio drama aimed at educating small farmers on how how to better manage the risk of growing crops in extreme weather that swings from storms to droughts.

While accepting congratulations, Ikegwuonu said, "There is a saying in our local Igbo language, 'To whom much is given, much is expected.'  Thanks to this award, within 18 months, small farmers living in southeastern Nigeria will mitigate and adapt to climate change by integrating local knowledge and external technology."

Through a network of 15 radio stations, the series will be able to reach a potential audience of 15 million in southeastern Nigeria.  Listener clubs will be able to broadcast feedback through solar-powered radios.


DM2009 Winner Is Doubly Happy

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Clutching two crystal globes at Friday's DM2009 awards ceremony was David Manalo of the Philippines, who won with two of his three finalist projects -- one for "bell and bottle" rain gauges to provide an early warning system against storm-caused floods and landslides, and the other to put 2,000 to 2,400 people rural people on the electrical grid through floating hydropower generators.

"I didn't expect this," he said, elated but a bit dazed from his and his projects' double honors.  "Winning once would make me more than happy."

Manalo's brother, Eugenio, a partner in the early-warning project, stayed behind in the Philippines to aid victims of recent typhoons.  "I will call him, but not right now – he's sleeping," said David, at 1 a.m. Manila time.

For DM2009, All the World Is Its Multimedia Stage

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DM2009 will be go multimedia in a big and global way during the Nov. 10-13 exhibition.  The event will be held -- physically -- in the Main Complex of the World Bank Group in Washington, but you can be completely connected from anywhere in the world.

Some things that will happen, and are already happening:

  • Finalists, sponsors, and visitors will be able to borrow Flip camcorders at the DM2009 kiosk to record what's going on and upload their videos at the kiosk to DM2009's YouTube channel.  (In photo at right, DM2009 communications leader Edie Wilson shows World Bank External Communications Web Managing Editor Angie Gentile how to do it.)
  • DM2009 will livestream video of the event -- here for Windows Media and here for Flash -- and upload interviews with finalists to the DM2009's channel on YouTube.
  • There are various DM2009 accounts at Twitter that can be followed, and the DM2009 blog will carry their Tweets during the event.
  • DM2009 participants and visitors can also share events photos at Flickr and Slideshare, links at Delicious, connections at LinkedIn, and all kinds of info/images at DM2009's Facebook site.
  • This blog will be an online event central where participants and visitors can published their reactions -- in text, images, and video. 

2009 DELL Global Small Business Excellence Award - Proposals Due Tomorrow!

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The 2009 DELL Small Business Excellence Award ( offers small businesses in 13 countries the chance to win $50,000 in technology solutions.  The award, sponsored by the International Council for Small Business (ICSB)and Endeavor, gives small businesses applying technology in innovative ways to better serve customers a chance at up to $50,000 in Dell solutions and a meeting wit