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Colombian Indigenous groups in Putumayo, taking action on Climate Adaptation Challenges

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Image credit: Proyecto Madre Tierra

The Zonal Indigenous Organization of Putumayo (OZIP), was one of the 26 the winning institutions that were part of the 2009 Development Marketplace Competition on Climate Adaptation.

They have recently developed their blog to keep us posted! We encourage you to seek more information by visiting their blog in Spanish. You can also see the initial interview to the leaders when in the Development Marketplace Competition held in November 2009 in Washington DC.

The objective of this particular project is to develop environmental land management plans based on indigenous traditional knowledge addressing socio-cultural and economical needs. The innovative highlight of the project is the combination of new technologies based on traditional indigenous methodology for indigenous development, based on land use plans on natural resources management.

It is expected that by end of the project at least 1,250 people would have participated in the making of these plans and at least an area of 207.000ha will be geo-referenced and mapped. The maps will express and identify the categories of land management, based in the fieldwork and with the participation of the community. The environmental land management plans should trigger processes of improving the relationship with the environment as well as a constant awareness of the communities on the changing circumstances of climate.

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