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The point you make: "To be relevant, we need to add value as a node in a complex web of knowledge creators rather than think of ourselves as the hub of a large wheel" is of course true. But your remedy: "of scanning the world for the most relevant, useful, and cutting-edge practice in areas of relevance to us, our clients, and other stakeholders" sits oddly in a world where repression of freedom of expression is a growing not diminishing problem, despite the spread of web. While its true that 'students often learn more from interacting with each other' try applying that lesson to the 80 or 90 countries worldwide where there is little freedom of expression. Its hard to imagine the knowledge centered nirvana you describe in a world where responsible journalists and bloggers get chucked in jail at the whim of a minister, embarrassed and angered by a revelation just published. Over 1000 local journalists were jailed worldwide in 2009 and thousands more were silenced by censorship and violence. While some may be scoundrels who deserve to be behind bars, this cannot be true for the overwhelming majority. Perhaps a change of focus from an idealized world of knowledge sharing, to leveraging some changes in freedom of expression on the ground are in order. Repression of the media is a bit like domestic violence. There's a lot more of it about than you ever imagine. Most governments put their best foot forward while engaging with international institutions. Meanwhile back home the worst of them are busy putting the boot in.