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Let's start with you and me, Paul. "We" is the people of the Bank and "we" is a pretty good place to start. I'm suggesting that we ought to be part of a larger conversation, sometimes leading, sometimes following, but always participating. What that means for you and for me is that we listen to what's happening around us, engage when appropriate, and keep the conversation flowing. My original blogpost was meant to provoke thought and reaction. I think that's happened. Let's keep listening to each other, to those around us, and stay humble enough to know when to lead and know when to listen. I often think that perhaps the most important role we can play as an institution is to help frame the wider discussion in the development space. Gone are the days of a single expert standing in front of a group and imparting knowledge. It's about asking the right questions and then standing back listening, learning, and joining the conversation. You're right to point out the importance of intellectual humility. It's a necessary precondition to learning and growth.