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How Do You Do? My Name Is Kola!

Kolawole Adebayo's picture

Hello Development Marketplace Community! I am writing to introduce myself. I am the manager for a Development Marketplace funded project called “Adding Value to Waste in the Cassava Processing-Goat Keeping Systems.” The project won funding in the 2008 Global competition. It is being implemented in Abeokuta Nigeria.

This entry is the kick-off for featured blog I will be submitting regularly every two weeks. I’ll be bringing to you updates on how the project is going: challenges, successes, bottlenecks and maybe even some unexpected turns and twists.

But first I wanted to tell you a little more about myself. I am Kokawole Adebayo. My nickname is Kola and I was born in a Yoruba (southwest Nigeria) family, third of  twenty-one children in a polygamous family with nine mothers. I am a Muslim man married to a Christian woman (Anthonia Folasade) for ten years now and we have two daughters (‘Tiola and Kosoba).

My primary education was at Ibadan and Ode-Remo. I went to University at Abeokuta (Nigeria) on a Commonwealth Scholarship at the University of Reading (United Kingdom) to complete a PhD in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.

I am currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. I have worked for 23 years as an extension officer, rural development expert and lecturer. My professional interests include uptake and dissemination of agricultural innovations in smallholder farming systems, management and sustainable funding of agricultural development as well as rural livelihoods and management of the environment.

Check out more about me on my LinkedIn profile where I connect with others in the Development Marketplace Community in the Development Marketplace LinkedIn group! More the week after next about the goals of the project. Stay tuned!!