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Event: Public Goods through Social Enterprises: Creating Hybrid Value Chains

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Recording of the event now available online!

A conversation with:

Bill Drayton, Founder, Ashoka
& Valeria Budinich, Chief Entrepreneur,
Full Economic Citizenship Initiative, Ashoka

Wednesday, May 18, 11:30-1:00

World Bank, the Black Auditorium, 600 19th Street, NW, Washington DC

Live webcast will be available here

Please join us at 10:30 AM for coffee & cookies and to meet visiting Ashoka Fellows

Join Bill and Valeria on a discussion about their breakthrough economic framework for creating new value, business profits and social benefits at every level of the economic pyramid.Harvard Business Review co-authors of the article “A New Alliance for Global Change,” they define Hybrid Value Chains and share updates on Ashoka demonstrations across sectors in housing, health care, water supply, alternative energy & agriculture, and across regions as diverse as India, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico. 


Aleem Walji, Innovation Practice Manager, World Bank Institute
Jan Piercy, Executive Vice President, ShoreBank International
Toshiya Masuoka, Director, Inclusive Business Models, International Finance Corporation

For information, RSVP, and to obtain building passes, please contact Douglas Jimenez at [email protected]