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...And the Egypt Development Marketplace 2013 Grantees Are....

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Egypt DM 2013 GranteesAlmost two months ago the announcement was made about the World Bank, IFC and partners providing grants of 1.25 million via the Egypt DM. Since that announcement, many have been contacting us via various channels to find out who the actual 34 grantees are? Well here is your answer! Below please find the 34 selected grantees institutions, with links to their websites and social channels when available. They are broken down by governorate, with a very small blurb about each one. Why so little information? Well, most of these organizations speak Arabic only and therefor their information is only available in Arabic. We are working on translating all related documents, and while that takes time, we hope to have full pages on our website for each one of them later in September. We also hope to do feature stories here in our blog for some if not all the grantees, stay tuned!


Community Development Association in Al Ezzeyya: Recycling agricultural residues and animal waste into compost and high value organic fertilizers, to manage waste, decrease environment hazards, and increase productivityof the agricultural land.
Friends Association for the Disabled and Community Development at Sadfa: Improving livelihood through supporting modernization, quality management and marketing of beehives and their honey production.
Alhayah Erada for Sustainable Development: Revival  of kilim/wool weaving to generate income and create employment for women of the Beni Addiat village.
Community Development Association in Badary: Hand-processing and packaging of pomegranate fruit to increase income for young girls and youth through introducing quality and marketing to new local and export markets.


El Atwany Association for Community Development: Improving health and economic levels of villages at Edfu region through training youth on furniture production from local tree plantations to produce affordable high quality furniture for local clients.
Community Development Association in Daraw: Women economic empowerment through providing training and technical support on sewing to produce high quality and affordable clothes for local communities and markets.
Association of Community Development in West Aswan: Generating income for women and rehabilitating girl dropouts through training on Nubian handicrafts, production and marketing.
Association for Community Development for Family in Edfu: Generating income for youth and helping decrease environmental hazards of palm tree waste burning and pollution by producing furniture from palm tree residues.
Community Development Association in Om Shelbaya: Generating income for women and youth through more efficient production, packing and marketing of honey from local beehives.
Green Valley Association for Community Development: Improving agricultural productivity and empowering farmers through providing maintenance services of irrigation channels to manage water supply.


Better Life Association for Development and Training: Generating income for youth and women and contributing to solving environmental challenges through recycling agriculture waste to produce compost and nontraditional animal feed.
Community Development Association in Delhans: Supporting women entrepreneurship and self-employment in sewing, beauty care and hairdressing for women for local market.
Association of Community Development and Supporting Students: Improving livelihoods and generating income for local farmers through building their technical capacity and establishing an efficient dairy collection and distribution system.


Cubes Contracting: Increasing income for farmers through providing technical and logistical support to better market figs and olives production from desert governorates of Egypt in Cairo and large urban centers.(Facebook)
GebRaa for Egyptian Treasures: Producing home furniture and women embroidered clothing for local market consumption and export. The company has a model that dedicates a portion of its income for local community development and empowerment. (Google+)


Nile’s Gift Company: Improving post-harvest processing to generate income and increase yield through an efficient clean solar energy-based technology.
Fayoum Association for Developing Organic Agriculture: Improving incomes of young women though training on handicrafts such as soap production, weaving and sewing.


Community Development Association in Dahshour: Creating a high quality affordable product-line of furniture, targeting base of the pyramid clients, through recycling palm tree material. Employing young men and women in the production process.


El Masry Association for Training and Development
: Generating income for girls and women through training on handmade carpets, beadwork, leather and kilim.
El Shiekh Sultan Islamic Charity Association in Odeissat: Generating income and self-employment for female-head of households through collecting their livestock milk production and providing support on hygienic and nutritious dairy products for sale in surrounding villages.
Association for Women and Community Development in Zoraykat: Generating income for women and youth through training and on-going technical support on rabbits breeding and marketing.
Al Mataana Association for Development Agricultural Communities in Tafnees: Increasing and improving predictability of income for farmers through decreasing tomato product waste by establishing racks for tomatoes drying and marketing product.


Shomou’ Association for Sustainable Development: Training and placing youth on highly needed local jobs such as first aid for livestock and agricultural machine maintenance.
Business Women Association for Community Development: Upgrading the skills of women in the dairy production and aiding with the marketing in the region’s villages to help increase income.
Evangelical Association for Continued Development: Empowering young women workers through training on hygienic, high quality and affordable food processing of dairy products, vegetables and other household needs for local consumption.
Mervat Abd El Nasser Association for Community Development: Employing local women and giving them training on authentic local food production from local agricultural ingredients and hospitality services to the eco-tourism industry in the region.
Al Taqwa wa Al Eman Islamic Association: Training and employing youth on a variety of handicrafts such as: handmade carpets, palm tree products for local consumption as well as marketing to tourists.


Young Muslim Women Association in Nakada: Training women of the Manshya village on handlooms to help generate income. Assisting with product development and marketing of weaved products.
Association for Developing Southern Egypt: Creating job opportunities and income for women. Providing technical support for safe, and healthy breeding of poultry and rabbits.
Women Association for Empowering Rural Woman in Nag’ ‘Awari: Generating income and employment for women through developing pottery production and new designs to practical usage and appeal to local communities. Association for Developing Community Capacities and Protecting the Environment: Generating income for youth through training on handlooms to support in production and marketing expansion of traditional handicrafts in hopes of increasing this shrinking industry.
Christian Peace Association for Community Development: Generating income for women through training on sewing, embroidery and traditional handmade carpets. Targeting local community and poor clients as well.


Sharkkeyya Youth Association for Development: Transforming agricultural waste to add value to agricultural productivity and yield through producing organic fertilizers and animal feed.


Egyptian Society for Folk Tradition: Training women on silk weaving in Akhmim to help create jobs and increase income. Aiming to support and revive this ancient Egyptian industry.

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