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DM2005 winner to scale up its activities after winning Dubai Award

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In my last posting, I mentioned the importance of securing new funding to scale up activities. I’ve got some great news to share today and that is that our efforts to secure more financial resources have borne fruit in that we’ve just received news that we’re one of 12 winners of the biennial Dubai Awards. This means US$30,000 will be coming to further scale up our activities in the Congo Basin – it’s great news for us and we’re very grateful to the Dubai awards for this tremendous recognition.

An independent jury of international experts selected the 12 winners from a list of 50 initiatives, short-listed out of nearly 500 submissions. The winners were all deemed to have made outstanding contributions to improving the quality of life in cities and communities.

Our winning project in Pokola - northern Republic of the Congo - is based in 1.3 million hectares of forest, home to around 9,000 indigenous forest people and managed for sustainable timber production by Congolaise Industrielle des Bois (CIB). TFT’s objectives were to help CIB's operations move towards sustainability by respecting and including indigenous people in their forest management plans. The initiative is an example of how the State, local NGOs, academics, indigenous people and private enterprise have worked together to formalize the recognition of indigenous peoples' rights. This required the design and development of GPS mapping tools and never before tried methods of communication and inclusion of local peoples’ rights and resources in management plans. This resulted in a meaningful consultative process with regards to forest management which is helping to conserve this vital natural resource.

The jury based their decisions on criteria of tangible impact, partnership, and sustainability and also took into account considerations of leadership and community empowerment, gender equality and social inclusion, and innovations that can be replicated. 

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