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Innovations in Development: Where Traditional Markets Fail

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What pathways are available to micro-financers as they mature, require growth capital, and need non-financial services to meet the demands of growth?


We welcome World bank have to startup with us new join venture of Black & White economy settlements and hand held (MID) balanced banking for all life non-life item will be born (with microfinance and general insurance attached) we welcome to all finance government non-government , un-accounting, hush fund banking non-banking and insurance product realeted firm or microfianance product and services provider have to merge/invest in terms of our third party libility (all kind risk adopted)policy merge equity Investment Partnership.‏ It is high time to World Trade Organization (WTO) World Bank is the only global international organization have to dealing with us the rules of trade and finance between nations. At its heart of central process hand held unit of Antique Banking systems a Mobile Internet Devices (MID) innovation with the WTO /WB agreements, negotiated will signed by the bulk of the world’s trading and finance nations and ratified in their parliaments. The Antique Banking systems solution goal is to help public, private and government producers of goods and services, exporters, and importers conduct their all product and business risk will adopted by our Antique banking systems will generate all kind third party liability of life non-life and commerce deal in counterfeited location and time end to end insured Adapting to the perils n threats posed by climate change and economy slow is the biggest challenge of our times today. Our Ape&SuperApe Entertainment and InfoTech provides for well adopted functions provided on every WTO mambers deal on /of line Mobile Internet Devices (MID) Credentials are following ways. It is high time to every WTO and all nation industry life non-life product of all nation commerce deal and transection banking and financial institute and financial services provider will have to Enter/Merge in our online/offline commerce, money deal with their every A/C holder database will be attached our third party liability risk adoption of life / nonlife Bar code A/C @ Antique Bank We are able to every you’re WTO/WB and all nation banking/share/stock A/C holder and mobile/unit user will be get risk free life improvement and easy to merge into our Eco-consciousness Business portfolios as best (MID) unit systems solution innovator approch to WTO/WB membars and all nation government to participate help merge allow for every commerce chambers Banking and all industry and commerce chambers A/C holder or family and public, private, government that will be enter/invest/ merge into no risk factor of new venture capital microfinance Green IT (IPO) a hand held micro stock exchange and banking of (MID) We are ready to adopt/barter any kind of risk free banking/non banking/Trade and transaction will be merge in our (MID) systems We are ready to adopt your any kind of risk that all insured benifiting will get to every Infosys product user or services provider WTO/WB and all nation product and or small business services provider /challenges is to every nation public, private and government have to effecting economy slow down/environment care most banking risk, recovery, victimization (natural disasters ) lack of food/money, poverty, health care, waste management, high carbon product , business lost, at 24/7 on/offline any ware anytime with we will be provide to whole life circle with our hand held value added service of microfinance and insurances third party liability risk adoption credentials on every your Banking A/C holder will be getting by our mobile (MID) systems innovation advantage Antique Bank Black hole will absorb and suck up all un accounted & hush funds and would compel the hoarders to go in for bar coding to make these hush monies into micro deposit insurance creating flush white funds. These funds would then provide the owner protection from the mafia,tax seekers and from the government as well.The money so bar coded will be in safe continous circyulation and generate higher interest amounts with inbuilt profit sharing. We provide all our value added services through our mobile brand unit and other mobile co. will hire our mobile internet devices (MID) web page systems and every others partner co. who will agree in our systems merge contract Company’s or banking finance barcoded /share holder A/C of their product costumer will under sign our mobile waste management Thanking you Yours truly Mr.Pradeep Gohil Managing Director Ape&SuperApe Entertainment&InfoTech (P) Ltd 303,A Wing Varun Valley Society Ashok Nagar Kandiwali (E) Mumbai : 400101 phone : 91-022-28862745

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