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Join webinar on WBI's 'The Power of Innovation'

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On Thursday, July 22, the World Bank Institute is launching a special e-issue of Development Outreach magazine whose theme is "The Power of Innovation," and we're inviting you to help us tell how innovation can be a game changer in solving the biggest global development problems.

Get involved by signing in to a special webinar on Thursday that will be led by WBI Innovation Practice Team Leader Aleem Walji, one of the lead authors of the Development Outreach special issue.

The webinar begins at 3 p.m., but sign in early -- by 2:30 or 2:45 p.m. -- because the number of participant slots is limited to 100.

In a post-crisis world, innovation may be the single most important driver of economic growth and competitiveness. The time is right to move development forward through creative uses of technology. We now have the capacity to scale up innovative approaches to meet the needs of people at the bottom of the pyramid when traditional markets fail to do the job.

How to do all this is detailed in "The Power of Innovation."  Top experts tell how to mobilize innovative solutions to reduce poverty--smarter, better, faster, and differently.

If you've never attended an online event hosted by Connect Pro -- which is handling production of our webinar -- test your online connection here.   Learn more about Connect Pro meetings here.  The video of the webinar will be posted on the Development Outreach website and the WBI homepage.

By getting involved in the e-launch of "The Power of Innovation," you can help the World Bank and other development banks carry out the imperative cited by WBI Vice President Sanjay Pradhan in his introduction to the special issue -- "to become true catalysts of innovation.  We need to empower and inspire, finance and train, scan and scale."


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