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Lighting for the poor #2

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The project implementation of lighting for the Kondh tribes, was one speckled with many a issue. There were issues with  production of light to the maintenance and user fee collection. In a way, our DM project is not a success as of today due to a ton of inadequacies on our part but we have pride in the fact that we went on to spread this work (of lights) everywhere in the world and also made a host of improvements to the light all along the way to make it one of the best and sought in large number of the world’s largest lighting industry. We further brought down the cost of it to rock bottom and achieved a reasonably decent commercial production scale that prompted us to  even float a “for profit” social organization to attract capital and talent to this enchanting subject.

With our current scale of production in India, we are confident that we can franchise this  model and enable entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia to make, sell and install this kind of light and lighting products. I strongly  believe that a simple clean and non failing light has the most positive impact on the poor women and child of the world and the rapid proliferation of our model will benefit them immensely.

It is possible that in the next 2 years, the market will provide 200 lumens per watt LEDs. This will mean  that the present THRIVE’s light will be 3 times brighter or if we prefer 3 times longer in giving light hours. Already such LEDs are being tested in labs of the large manufactures. When they are available in the market for us to buy and have them as part of our lights,  THRIVE lights will be  able to give  luminance that will be brighter and lasts longer (30 days or more) with one charge; and this will be made available at about $10. This type of lights  will banish darkness in Africa and Asia, with or without help/support from governments, donors or NGOs. This  model becomes a simple business proposition for hundreds and thousands of small and big organizations and individuals that will take this light to every child and mother of this world.


Submitted by Ms.Bijal Shah on
To, Mr. Ranga Bodavala, We have read your BLOG#1,BLOG#2 for the Lighting to poors. We are manufacturer of the Electronics products related to consumer, Automobiles, Industrial & Educational. We have one product that known as bicycle light-cum-torch. We have described the specification of the product below. and You will get the more information & Photo of the product on & Feautures: * Rechargeable at 110V-220V & 50HZ/60HZ * Shockproof, waterproof and maintenance free * Lighting duration 7/14hour. * Integrated FM radio Applications: * Immaculate fitting on bicycle * Mining and medical usage * Emergency light for home and car * Rural and Industrial Usage Awaiting for your review about our product. Awaiting for your positive response. Regards, Ms.Bijal Shah Foreign Trade Dept. For, Micro Systems.India

Submitted by Ranga on
I am very happy to know about your Bycycle light. I quickly checked up your site for the other information. I will be very happy to procure one and test its application for our uses. you can visit for the contact address of our organisation. you can send the product by courier and we can pay on delivery. regards, Ranga

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