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New Rural Livelihoods Web site!

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We've launched a new Web site!  Yes, even though there are over 100 million Web sites on the Internet, we decided to add one more:

And we hope it will be quite useful to those who are interested in designing programs to support rural livelihoods.  Now, please keep in mind that this is a young Web site (just an infant, really), and it will be growing and maturing over the next several months.

The site introduces some of the underlying principles that are common to all of our livelihoods projects--such as, community mobilization; supporting institutions of the poor; linking to markets, linking to finance, and more. 

Some of the resources you will find include:

  • The Rural Livelihoods Notes Series highlights `lessons and successes from our livelihoods projects that are being implemented in South Asian Countries. 
  • The Rural Livelihoods Newsletter provides a selection of shorter articles about innovation in livelihoods projects as well as information on events hosted by our cluster. 
  • Video-enhanced Presentations by clients and staff provide more in-depth coverage of programs within our livelihoods projects.  Right now, we have two such presentations on: (1) an innovative community-managed and market-based food security program; and (2) the adoption of non-pesticide management practices by farmers within one of our programs. 
  • Quick links to all of the Web sites managed by our rural livelihoods projects takes you to even more information (most of it in English) produced and posted directly by our clients.

Please take some time to browse the site and let us know what you think.  Post your comments in response to this blog post or email me directly at

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