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Put Food First: Call for promotion

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This blog was originally featured on the "Inside the Web" blog on 3/28/11 and was authored by Jim Rosenberg, Social Media Adviser to the World Bank

Rising and volatile food prices are causing pain and suffering for poor people around the world, driving 44 million people into extreme poverty in recent months. On April 14-15, 2011 we are hosting our second Open Forum, a global conversation to look at the problem and possible solutions to overcome the food crisis.

We have begun soliciting ideas to help put food first for the world’s 1 billion hungry people, and have seen an enthusiastic response. The online chat segment of the discussion will start at noon EDT on Thursday, April 14, and engage a global audience in multilingual chats lasting 24 hours. Experts and global ambassadors who care about the issue will be moderating the chats; answering audience questions and engaging them on the various facets of the food crisis problem.

For the rest of this story, click here for Inside the Web.

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