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Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) is excited to be at the Innovation Fair.

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Ed: This guest post is by Rene Parker, Director of RLabs.

Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) is excited to be the Social Media partner at the Innovation Fair.

The RLabs Team at the Innovation Fair

About RLabs
A Reconstructing interaction space for collaborative design, creation, dissemination and application of knowledge for empowerment, upliftment and development of people and communities in or headed for tension through the use of innovative ICT solutions.

RLabs and its Social Media Factory project have been elected as the Social Media Partner for the Innovation Fair: Moving Beyond Conflict. This opportunity to partner with the World Bank is such a great honor and especially considering the story of RLabs. Most of the RLabs team are community members from a developing community who had no formal education or computer literacy and many with no hope and not much to live for. Seeing how the team have grown and how the community are adopting and using technologies is testament to the great work being done by this group of incredible individuals. We will have a special post on the team who will be at the Innovation Fair this week who will share more about their backgrounds and experiences being part of RLabs.

You can follow the live Twitter Updates using: #innovfair


Submitted by Luiza Nora on
I have been extremely impressed with the Reconstructed Living Lab. I had a chance to meet them during the Innovation Fair in CT. It is a group of amazing people coming from all walks of life and trying to make a difference by reaching out to underprivileged youth and exposing them to technology. As one of the members of Rlab said “transforming the street gang members to Twitter gangsters”.

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