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Social Collaboration Accelerating...

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Being out with swine flu meant that I missed a fantastic discussion on January 14. Luckily, it is just a click away from all of us on B-Span, a channel we will be using more to share discussions about innovation. This session was about Social Collaboration at the World Bank and Beyond. The three presenters are Kate Ehrlich, Senior Technical Staff Member, Collaborative User Experience at IBM Research (aren't these new titles wonderful?), Gentry Underwood, Director of Knowledge Sharing at IDEO, one of the key organizations in this area) and the amazing, gets-right-to-the-point Shelley Liebowitz, the newly arrived Vice President and first Chief Information Officer for the World Bank GROUP. What are they talking about? Well, about how the way we work and how we work is changing right under our feet; why it's offering us new opportunities at twice the speed and half the cost and why social networks are infiltrating even the most traditional organizations, mostly through the back door. What I call it is the end of the 20th century. So make a cup of tea, put your feet up on your desk, click and see how this connects to the world around you. Then watch it again. The group I work with on Development Marketplace and Innovation Practice here at the World Bank Institute is going to watch it together. Most of all, tell us what you think it means for what you are doing....

Social Collaboration at the World Bank and Beyond


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