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Social Entrepreneurship as a Bottom-Up Model of Socio-Economic Development

Seven questions needed to be addressed in analyzing whether a social enterprise approach fits a particular organization and offers a promising bottom-up model of socio-economic development.

What if an entrepreneurial ethos and collective agency drove innovation in development?


Submitted by George Maha on
Dear James, Thank you for such an interesting article. I was really happy to see your consideration on the need of a plausible theory. Development is all about innovation. I don`t think it`s possible to imagine development without the adoption of new means to create new experiences. It seems that innovation happens to be a natural outcome in the process of overcoming challenges. Even without knowledge ordinary social heroes discover fantastic ways to save, provide and defend their communities and their resources. I think the great issue is what is the knowledge they need to accomplish their mission and how to provide it. Sillicon Valey is a product of the market industry and by this reason it serves the market just as it should. But maybe development must need more than that. While the market thought works to make you grow from what you have, social development`s thinking seeks to make you grow from what you are. While market systems seek competition, social enterprises seek cooperation. I believe social entrepreneurs need knowledge, their specific knowledge. Knowledge in their social language for their social objectives.

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