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Takiko Igarashi is an Education Specialist at the World Bank. Her specializations include skills development, basic education, education... Read more »

Thomas Brown is a Research Analyst working across Social Development and Education portfolios in the Indonesia country office o... Read more »

Tim Brown has been living, gardening, cooking and traveling in Indonesia with his wife and two children for 13 years. He is an... Read more »
Tobias Haque is an Economist with the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit, East Asia and Pacific Region. He is based in the... Read more »
Tom Perry is the World Bank’s Team Leader for Pacific Communications. Tom has worked for ten years telling stories from across East-Asia... Read more »
Tomi joined the World Bank in Indonesia in April 2016, having worked in the UNDP for 4.5 years. Previously he was a journalist with BBC... Read more »

I was an odd bird at the World Bank - a wildlife biologist working as the Senior Biodiversity Specialist in our East Asia and Pacif... Read more »

Trinn (‘Pong) Suwannapha is the Online Producer for the World Bank’s Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore websites. He... Read more »
Truman Packard is a Lead Economist and has worked in various operational positions at the World Bank since 1997. Trained as a labor... Read more »