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Indonesia: Mencoba pendekatan baru untuk memperbaiki manajemen publik agar layanan umum membaik

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Kabupaten Bojonegoro di Jawa Timur berencana memperbaiki manajemen publik agar layanan umum membaik, termasuk kesehatan ibu.

Di Indonesia masa pasca desentralisasi, sebagian besar tanggung jawab untuk menyediakan layanan publik berada di tangan pemerintah daerah. Begitu juga dengan pengelolaan uang pemerintah. Saat ini pemerintah daerah mengelola hampir setengah dari total keuangan negara. Transfer ke daerah sudah naik tiga kali lipat dalam nilai riil dibanding sejak desentralisasi dimulai.
Namun, perbaikan dalam indikator kesehatan dan pendidikan belum bergerak banyak, sehingga hasil dari bertambahnya transfer uang ke daerah tampaknya masih kurang memuaskan.

Indonesia: Testing a new approach to improve public management for better service delivery

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The district of Bojonegoro in East Java is planning to improve public management for better services, such as maternal health care.

In post decentralization Indonesia, the responsibility to deliver services falls largely at the hands of the local government. So, too, does the management of public money. Local governments currently manage about half of Indonesia’s public finances. Transfers to the regions increased by more than threefold in real terms since the onset of decentralization.
However, with few improvements in health and education indicators, the results of these increased transfers are not encouraging.

Delivering in the remotest islands: Tikopia

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William Kesi
Because boats to and from Tikopia are infrequent, William Kesi had to wait a couple of months before he could leave the island.

William Kesi had to hitch a ride with a passing cruise ship to get from Tikopia back to Lata, the capital of Solomon Islands’ easternmost province, Temotu. William is a community helper with the Solomon Islands Rural Development Program (RDP), which uses community driven development to support small-scale community infrastructure. The program was officially launched in 2008, and is supported by Solomon Islands Government, AusAID, European Union, IFAD, and the World Bank. Now in its third cycle of grants, the program is beginning to reach not only the more densely populated areas of the six main islands of the country, but also some of the most remote and underserved communities in the country.

Does decentralization improve accountability and service delivery?

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Decentralization has been a buzz word in the development world for a while, but disagreements remain about when and how different types of decentralization are successful in improving accountability and service delivery.  Although decentralization is often used as a monolithic concept, the term can include political, fiscal, administrative or market decentralization, and can involve var