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Submitted by Ben Temon Jr on

Laura I am a coffee plantation owner in the Western Highlands Province and would like to know how I can benefit from PPAP?
As you understand we the smallholders and plantation owners are unable to access fund from commercial banks or other donor agencies to revive/rehabilitate our coffee blocks/plantations etc and were very happy to hear that the Govt. and WB were introducing the PPAP. But since the launching or implementation of this project we the growers have not seen anything on the ground especially in the WHP! Did we miss out or were we left out as there as been nothing to show for the millions pumped into this project.
I have actually been to the CIC office in Mt Hagen but was told that PPAP was not giving out loans or funding for such projects.
With that said,I am looking at setting up a wet factory in my plantation to proccess my coffee and small holders coffee from the surrounding area/communities to boost quality and income. My question to you,is how can I get assistance from the (PPAP)project in terms of funding and technical support etc?
I think its time we forget the ‘paper farmers‘ and deal directly with the farmers!