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Answering Ben Temon Jr's questions about PPAP Ben - thanks alot for reaching out to me with your questions. I absolutley agree - PPAP works ONLY with real farmers! The PPAP is indeed already active in Western Highlands province; indeed across all four provinces involved in PPAP in phase one (Western Highlands, Eastern Highlands, Chimbu, Jiwaka)there have been 13 partnerships funded involving 11,589 farmers working on coffee ... of those 13 partnerships, three of them are in Western Highlands. So in reality, there are indeed milliosn of kina flowing to coffee farmers all across the Highlands, including WHP. The response that you received from the CIC office in Mt Hagen was most likely due to the fact that PPAP has a specific approach to assistance: it does not provide loans, only grants, and it does not fund individual owners or farmers. Instead PPAP funds groups of smallholders (farmers, etc.) who work together with 'lead partners' who are able to assist with delivering the practical aspects (logistics, financial record-keeping, etc.). The CIC offices assist with spreading information and issuing "Calls for Proposals", and then farmers and smallholders, linked up with lead partners (which can be large growers, processors, exporters, etc. ) submit their proposal based on the required format. Each "PPAP Partnership" is transparently competitive, and once a Partnership 'wins', the resources are grants. For more information, please contact our Senior Officer in Port Moresby, Mr Allan Oliver ([email protected]) and he will connect you to the PPAP team! Best of luck in growing and selling fabulous WHP coffee! Laura