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Laura Bailey As the Head of World Bank in PNG, it is very interesting to note your piece on Coffee in PNG particularly in the Highlands. This is one sector of PNG's economy that supported the heavily populated region of the country as you've correctly stated. Poverty in the country is also rural, which majority are from the Highlands region. However it is an irony to see WB sidelining that very industry which has the potential to alleviate rural poverty in PNG by funding the oil palm industry in its (WB) Smallholder Agriculture Development Project in PNG. Oil Palm industry is well established and properly regulated in only few coastal Provinces (WNBP & Oro). For WB to choose oil palm instead of coffee is to me WB is choosing the easy and lazy way out instead of the challenging one which will require much work. However the outcome will be rewarding if the project succeeds. As a Papua New Guinean, my appeal to WB Country Director to consider an alternative project like the oil palm project for the coffee industry in the Highlands of PNG.