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Hi Albert - sorry for the delay in responding to your very important post; I was in East New Britain which is one of the provinces where the World Bank's new project supporting COFFEE and COCOA smallholders is going to be launched. I totally agree with you that improving rural incomes from coffee is one important way the World Bank can help the people of PNG, and that's exactly why our Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP) will focus on coffee (the other key crop will be cocoa, which of course is also important for poor rural families AND is currently threatened by the cocoa pod borer pest.) So hopefully you'll be pleased to hear that indeed the World Bank is supporting a new project focusing on COFFEE, to begin later this year once approved by GoPNG. On oil palm, it is very interesting to hear your views; it seems you and I have different perspectives ... I agree that plantation oil palm is well-established in PNG but my team feels strongly that smallholders who grow oil palm in Oro and WNB are not getting as much value and income as they could - their lives are still quite difficult. That's why our SADP efforts focus on smallholders, to help them get better road access, fairer pricing systems, and overall improved living conditions. I am really glad to see people like yourself interested in the World Bank's work in PNG. Thanks for writing.