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Submitted by Laura E. Bailey on
Hi David, thanks for your comment. I'm a newcomer to PNG, so I can't speak from firsthand knowledge, but most of the knowledgable observers I speak to ... farmers, exporters, academics, industryn people, even government itself ... all acknolwedge that the 1990s, and especially the last half of that decade, saw a serious erosion in the ability of national Government and its agencies to maintain high quality regular servies to rural areas, and ag extension was hit as hard as any. I think that in many ways the priority for development partners like the World Bank is too revive the positive practices that had proven results in the past, adding any new appropriate technology or improved practice that we can offer, and support the effective use of idigenous knowledge that rural communities hold already. I suspect that the farmers who worked with you in your project in the nineties remember important elements of the coffee growing practices that were undertaken in the project; that knowledge isn't lost, but clearly farmers are keen to see a higher level of engagement from their Government to revive the industry.