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Submitted by KTM on
Dear Laura, I must side with Albert regarding palm oil. The economic benefits from palm oil are substantial. The cash incomes in WNB and Oro from palm oil since the 1990s have been substainatially higher than other crops. Similarly, the cumulative increase in houshold incomes for palm oil cultivation since the mid-1990s has been much greater than for coffee and cocoa. Granted, these farmers have seen incomes shrink because of the global financial crisis, but the fact remains that they are substantially better off than they were 10 or 15 years ago. Palm oil has made a significant difference to smallholder livelihoods in rural areas in Indonesia, particularly in Borneo. I am of the opinion that it can do the same in Papua New Guinea without the climate risks associated with peatland conversion. I also understand that there is a political risk for the Bank given current levels of activism against palm oil in South-East Asia and its association with poor environmental practices. Is this current political environment shaping the Bank's approach to its programs? I have noted that the GEF has funded a program to assist palm oil smallholders obtain sustainability certification in East New Britain. I look forward to your response. Regards, KTM