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Submitted by Kana Buut on
Hi Laura, I am actually happy at the recent initiatives by the World Bank on this partnership in Agriculture project.have read briefly some aspects of it and would like to raise some issues. PNG has had some good initiatives in the past with the intention to boost coffee production and the relative effects on the livelyhood of our subsistence farmers, NPMA (National Plantation Management Agency) was one such initiative, and I remember those glory days when plantations and big coffee blocks was poping up everywhere, there was real activity and strong sense of hope was emerging however a few years down the track and that has all gone to extinct ...synonimous with the PNG way of doing things...short term measures, knee jerk reactions and nothing sustainable....well Lauara what is being done now by WB under this new project hopefully will not go down the same can avoid it if we do this ...focus on the one motivating factor...addressing the price factor! .Nothing will work unless the market is addressed and you know from your research all major exporters and processors and operators in kofi in PNG just dont care about investing in rehab work or educating growers about the importance of quality kofi. It is quantity... and CIC just doesnt seem to get it right..they are all about quantity...but the truth is...if we can get it right with the price, the quantity will come, people will return to their coffee...much effort must be made to educate the growers about the relations between quality and see the irony of all these is....for over 40 years, we the growers do not know how our coffee tastes despite producing over a million bags each year?? now dont you think something is missing?/ Sadly the growers know, everyone is out there to cheat them, the roadside and factory buyers who fix the weighing scales, the exporters who control the prices and CIC who use a totally irrelevant New York Stock Exchange to set the bench price for buying whilst the true price is far far different to what we get at the growers level..we only produce less than 1% of the total world production, why do we use a benchmark which is not related to the reality when most of our kofi is traded as gourmet and specialty kofi....someone ought to tell the truth. the truth is PNG kofi is simply the best single origin kofi in the world however the price offered is unreflective of this so what is the point of pumping money into the government agency when most of these funds will stilll go down the same track, give the money to people with new ideas and bold initiatives to take PNG kofi to a new and greater heights so that our farmers can have real more cheaters!!..WB..give me money to buy small to small scale pulpers, hullers, household roasters and grinders and help me to understand the quality of my coffee and develop my marketing potential...this cannot be a government initiative anymore, it hasn,t worked so let it be an industry initiative but with someone new and unbiased..give the farmers a fair go....get real! something new and exciting is coming and the WB facility can be a boost if invested in the right area...