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I really appreciated the supportive comments from Wilson Orlegge about the need for the World Bank to support coffee farmers, and even more I enjoyed his very specific list of the challenges that the coffee industry faces and his specific suggestions about finding creative ways to involve households in upgrading their smallholder practices - kids and coffee seedlings, agriculture in the classroom. I've been thinking and chatting with people alot about my feeling that 'the answer' for PNG's coffee farners is a multi-dimensional solution: definitely lots of work on renewing the stock, upgrading and matinaing roads anfor market access, and improved extension and advisory services that are market-driven and useful ... all those things are key, and are part of PPAP. But there's also this interesting possibility that for some farmners and grower groups, who have the interest and capacity (and support) to improve not just productivity and market connections but want to REALLY take on the Quality Challenge, they might be able to get the kinds of premium prices that other niche coffee growers around the world are getting through certification programs, and through what's now being called 'direct trade'. I'll blog more on this in the coming weeks, and I'll hope that everyone joins in!