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Submitted by Wilson Thompson Orlegge on
We support and commend the WB for support to coffee and the Agreement has been signed. What we need now is to move the industry forward by working with and directly with farmers. I noted that some more study and analysis and technical reports will become part of the project. By now we should have and know what the problems in the industry. It simple:- 1. coffee stock is from the 50-60s and must be stumped or infilled with new trees 2. there is no new large plantings since the 1970' and 80's under Business Groups, 20 hectare blocks and NPMA days. 3. production has shifted (80 percent) from plantations to smallholders 4. run down plantations and coffee blocks on State Lease land had mortgage problems and how do we utilise these trees standing and the land to bring these into production. 5. Extension, advisory services is non existent or minimal 6. some attribute crops decline to transport woes, but what about rehabilitating and working with those alraedy within 20 kilometre corridor of say Okuk Highway and 10 km corridor of say sealed roads such as LUfa Okapa road. Others will move in once services flow from centre. We need more nursery and seedlings to be distributed to school children and to remove old stock and incraese more acreage and then coffee production will increase in real tonnage and not in income as it is based on increased world market prices. Wilson Thomspon Secretary HIghlands Farmers & Settlers Association Inc.