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Submitted by Micha on
Dear Laura Rehabilation of coffee garden is never a solution to improving coffee production.CIC did that many times in the past including the recent rehabiliation program between 2007-2009, and what happened, people got away with the tools and the program failed terribly.Now the WB cannot be ill adviced to repeat the same.It never increased the production.You cannot drive the production directly by rehabilation.It has to be driven , but how? Very simply , 2 things: IMPROVING CONSISTENCY IN COFFEE QUALITY and IMPROVED MARKET ACCESS. These are the enabling enviornment for Growth.It affects PRICE directly and its the Price the farmers are after.Give farmers a prolong period of high coffee price and you will certainly notice an increase in rehabiliation actvities, new development, marketing groups, etc which leads to increase in coffee production and improved livelyhood..Now who is going to create the environement.Foremost , the PNG government, unfortunately , its focus is now on LNG and mineral boom and not on Agriculture and coffee.PNG has the best organically grown coffee in the world, and theres no doubt about that.Thats the strenght.We start there.Lets fund programs to improve that quality through small holder coffee wet factories - to improve natually fermentation processes, drying and storage and finally the Market. Now this part is critical- thats where the Middle Man , mostly expartriates are clicking on and telling false stories to WB and others about PNG smallholer coffee being Y-grade -or discounted coffee. There are new wet factory designs that are been tested and has proven that smallholder coffee from remote village say, Okapa, Karamui etc can be processed into A grade top premium coffee capable of fetching high price at any international market.If SIGRI Coffee ( WR carpenters ) can convert smallholder coffee into Top grade coffee through improved wet processing facility, it can be done.Let us concentrate on qulaity improvement and facilitate a world marketing scheme for our local famers to increase quantity. Cheers Micha