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Hi Micha - thanks very much for your post. I agree 110% that with the excitement around the minerals and gas sector the attention is getting taken away from the backbone of PNG's people, which is the rural sector. I have spoken publicly, along with senior government officials and members of the private sector, on the importance of safeguarding the agricultural sector so it doesn't get trampled by the eocnomy dynamics that surround minerals-driven wealth. I also agree wholeheartedly with you on 1) the importance of investing in higher quality and more consistent production of that higher quality cofee, and 2) the need for investing in better market access including roads. I do disagree mildly with your pessimism about rehabilitation of coffee gardens; sure, high prices will drive some farmers to rehab and reinvest, but overall the PNG coffee sector has a base of aging trees and outdated practices that could benefit from some improvement. We hope the Productive Partners in Agriculture Project will help address all these issues. Please stay tuned!