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Submitted by Governor GG on
I have an important observation and a suggestion I wish to bring to the WB and GoPNG. Firstly I am really glad that the World Bank is spending big dollars on small holder coffee farmers. I also commend the GoPNG that has liaised with the WB to secure funding for this development. I have observed that CIC has not done much about improving small holder coffee growers over the last thirty years. It has concentrated on assisting large plantations and coffee millers a lot more than small holder groweres. This has created a scenario where the small holder grower has slaved away for the coffee millers and exporters to become millionares while the grower continues to live in abject poverty. My suggestion is for the WB to create an office/es in the Highlands of PNG where the small block holders can access funding direct to improve husbandry and processing, and plant more areas. The WB needs to by-pass CIC as it is only concerned with the wel- to-do coffee barons. It is not a useful body for small holder growers Even as I write, I know that CIC is planning - infact has already planned to disburse the WB funding through existing millionaires - the least of them being one who turns over K3,000,000 per annum. What millioaire in his right mind will wish to throw his 'free labor force' (small holder growers) away so they come up while he goes down? His coffee supply will dwindle as small time growers become more organized and can export their coffee on their own. So the millionare miller will be trying his best to keep small holder growers (or his free labourers) in their place and the current WB funding will only benefit the establised coffee barons. PS. The WB should by now be aware that Government systems set up for the benefit of rural Papua New Guineans do not work - so why throw so many millions to such a 'dog' . Gov GG coffee planter.