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Thank you Laura for your reply to my post. While I know that there are strict guiselines that the WB sets that all have to follow, I still wish to argue for the sake of argument sake the following point: Lead partner under PPAP A lead partner needs to be one that has an earnning of K3,000,000.00 per annum. I agree that a lead partner has to have capabilities of administration, management, and mobilization. However, I wish to state here that it may be pretty hard to find many coffee barons who honestly have a heart for the small grower and her/his wellbeing. Therefore, CIC and WB need to direct the support money toward small growers with smaller manageble amounts of money at the district levels. In actual fact I would like to be frank by saying I do not trust the big coffee barons -as in the past they have controlled the coffee prices to suit their profiteering and the smallholder growers have be used as cheap labour. # The economy grows but the smallholder coffee growers continue to remain poor. GovGG Smallholder coffee grower