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Submitted by Alex Kerang on
Another challenge may be to get everyone involved. More often, donor financial and technical assistances are concentrated in the Highlands region, presumably because (i) CIC Headquarter is based in EHP (ii) Goroka (EHP) and Highlands Region are major PNG's Coffee (Arabic) producers and Exporters. Bailey, its good to hear that you are also conducting your studies in ENB. This region, and other Maritime provinces are also good at cultivating Coffee (Robusta). There is growing interest among the maritime provinces for farmers in the coffee cultivation and production. Unfortunately the imminent obstacles continue to hamper their progress, which include: (i) lack and or inadequate of support from Agriculture Dept. in recognising the potential of coffee farmers (ii) lack of proper training (ii) basic infrastructure such coffee harvesting and processing facilities, transport etc (ii) No market for robusta Coffee.. Based on some of these issues highlighted, would there be possibility for WB through the PPAP to seriously look at encouraging production of Robusta Coffee and creating market for them,probably through nominated Agents (Exporters). Generally, Smallholders Coffee (Robusta) should be targeted recipient in the PPAP. I know they have the great potential of contributing towards PNG coffee export in the long run.