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Submitted by Frank van Gelder on
A good article that puts the regional economies of Indonesia in perspective. I fully agree with the premise that the challenge for regions is not that they don't get enough money, but that the challenge is to spent the money wisely. In my company New Frontier Solutions ( we work with companies in and outside Indonesia and assist them in the process of optimally allocating their limited resources (people, trucks, inventory, money, etc). We have developed some good techniques that have proved very effective. These can techniques can also be applied in the sphere of local government. Maybe there is a regional government that is 'switched on' and where a pilot project could be run. Having been a World Bank consultant myself for one year in Jakarta in the post-Asia crisis environment, I have since been struck by the fact that the great work the World Bank is doing can be further be enhanced by from time to time borrowing a page from the book of business. (And there may be things that the world of business can learn from the Bank, but that is another story).