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Submitted by J Martelli on
Dear Dr Warwick It's good that you're helping China and Italy to heal from their respective earthquakes. But as a proud Italian in Australia, and a former Uni of Adelaide student, and after reading the aforementioned magazine, I am BITTERLY DISGUSTED with your Italophobic comments. To refresh your memory, here is what you said: "Italian people are much more demanding of the government when something goes wrong. In Italy, the maximum number of people they could put in a tent camp and still keep the peace was about 200 families. In China, they housed thousands of families in tents without any complaints. The Italians said there was no way they could have managed an earthquake on the scale that happened in China. It tells you something about the capacity of the Chinese to handle things on a massive scale." Now, we Italians, for starters, don't have 1.3 billion people or a socialist government or hundreds of millions of workers being paid $2-3 a day. We are actually WELL past the phase of living a subsistance lifestyle. And, from the days of the Great Roman Empire, we developed an intolerance to voluntary government complacency. But, you're insisting that Italy has a semi viable social organisation and no viable future. Whereas me being Italian is what I felt the best thing that could ever happen to me. It is actually people like you who gave Italy enough bad publicity to worsen the country's 10 year economic stagnation. And, I don't go bragging on about, say, the UK's recent parliamentary crises or its shocking descent into relative hell due to the GFC, of which Italy's problems appear to be pailing more by comparison every day! Unless you and other global superiors (inside and outside Italy) like yourself cease the habit of Italy bashing, we will only become even more motivated to make you eat your words!