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I don't agree that access to infrastructure is not a major issue anymore. Yes, if you live along the MRT or BTS lines in Bangkok, it isn't. But there are still vast parts of Bangkok that don't have access to any decent kind of transportation, and most Thai people I know still have commuting times of 1-2 hours (and that is one way, so it adds up to 2-4 hours communting time per workday) I don't think the problem is really transportation cost. There is no need to lower prices. Do you really think people would rather spend 2 hours and pay 30 baht than spend 30 minutes and pay fifty baht? Also, if cost would be a problem, then the trains wouldn't be as crowded as they are, because people wouldn't ride on them. But have you ever rode on a train where it wasn't at least 50% of capacity in Bangkok? Maybe occasionally on odd times, but compared to other cities, there are very few "empty trains" in Bangkok. It just boggles my mind that there is so much potentially productive time lost in traffic and the government isn't doing more about it. If we consider that BKK has about 8 million people (other estimates are up to 11 million), and pretend as if just 10% of those spend 2 hours stuck in traffic each day, than that's 1.6 million hours a day (or 567 000 000 hours a year) that could be added to Thailand's economy.