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Submitted by David Gaveau on
Tony has raised critical issues: "Will the maps be used to rouse public concern to the level where the issue becomes really political? Will they be translated into Indonesian? Will the exercise be repeated every couple of years to track the loss, and will the people of Indonesia anxiously await the latest figures?" I wish I could say YES to all your critical questions. I created this website hoping it will rouse public concern. However, I cannot guarantee that this will happen. I can only hope that school teachers, journalists, environmental activits in Indonesia and abroad will use the maps to raise the issue of deforestation on the political level. I will have the site translated into Indonesian soon. I also hope to do a 2009-2010 update and beyond. I am actively seeking funding for this. My vision is to put accurate and precise maps of tropical deforestation for 1970-2009 and beyond for everyone to see. I hope to find investors who are willing to fund this effort for Sumatra and possibly for Borneo, Sumatra's sister island.