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I am really really saddened that with bulk of money coming into the country through remittances nothing is mentioned about using part of the remittances for co-development projects...not even on the level of the local government. Somehow money will not be pouring in forever and surely there is no guarantee that filipinos will always find work abroad... especially with present global crisis. I am studying co-development and using remittances for local development. I have learned in countries with less in-flow of remittances,the gov´t both local and national are pushing projects to steer businesses for those poor sectors to have some sort of income. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO OPEN OUR EYES AND REALLY MIND THE POOR NOT BY DOLES OR REACH OUT PROGRAMS ALONE... LET US LIFT UP THE COUNTRY BY INVESTING IN IT THROUGH OUR REMITTANCES? WHAT CAN OUR GOV´T AND CONCERN CITIZENS DO ABOUT THIS?